PoolsiNSchoolZ is run by volunteers, allowing nearly 100% of the funds raised to be used to support our mission. Volunteer roles include:

  •  Area Coordinator: Managing a defined territory, including liaising with schools and local community groups, promoting PoolsiNSchoolZ to potential donors and sponsors, ensuring local media coverage, and coordinating other volunteers.
  • Specialist volunteer: There are many areas where specialist expertise is invaluable, such as:

    Building and managing our web site.

  • Writing and publishing newsletters.

    • Advising on communications and media coverage.
    • Working with schools to develop educational resources that utilise the pool (these aren’t directly related to water safety, an example being creating graphs from the daily water tests).
    • Maintaining our school GIS (Geographical Information System) database.
    • Preparing funding applications.
    • Writing and maintaining our operations manuals.
    • Refining the design of the pool setup, to enhance safety (always the number 1 goal), improve operability, and reduce cost and extend the life span.
    • Lobbying at the national level.
    • Administration and accounting.
  • Community volunteer:
    • Raising funds via local initiatives.
    • Helping with the erection and dismantling of pools.
    • Building platforms.
    • Assisting local schools as required.
    •  Lobbying local politicians.

If you can help PoolsiNSchoolZ, please email us at [email protected].